Silicon nitride and sialon ceramics is the best material using for foundry of non–ferrous metals, especially aluminum and zinc. It has the excellent heat and corrosion resistant performance.

With high strength, toughness and thermal conductivity, silicon nitride and sialon ceramics has great thermal shock resistance. Furthermore, it is very stable and resistant to corrosion by molten aluminum.

No contamination and non–wetting for molten aluminum, making it good resistant to build up of aluminum dross ,greatly reduce the frequency of replacing and maintenance time for foundry process.

Compare to traditional cast iron and silicon carbide, silicon nitride and sialon has  much better service life. Therefore an increasing number of customers are using silicon nitride and sialon ceramics as upgrade and replacement in both primary and secondary aluminium smelters, the holding furnaces and filter boxes of cast houses.

We manufacture include: thermocouple protection tube, heater protection tube , riser tube,dosing tube, degassing rotor shaft, sprue bush,insulation board and other consumables used for aluminium industries.