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A Complete Production Process

Raw material – moulding – sintering – machining, all the process, all by ourselves.guarantee the quality control and stability.

A Full Range Of Products

 We provide not only a single part but also a range of consumables, especially for aluminum foundry. to save customer’s procurement logistics cost.

A Series Of Materials

We provide products in different materials with diverse cost, so every customer can find the suitable solutions to its needs.

TAISHENG Technical Ceramics Manufacturer

Founded in 2002, cover an area of 21,000 square meter workshop, specializing in manufacture of advanced technical ceramics, we consistently insist on our aim to supply customers high quality goods and perfect service over the past years.

Focus on the materials of silicon nitride , silicon carbide, aluminium titanate, aluminum oxide and calcium silicate ,solve the problems of heat resistant, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and insulation, service to aluminium industries, mining and power plant , chemical industry, polysilicon and electricity,etc.

We provide both standard and customize advanced technical ceramics.

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What We Offer

Our Products

Heat Resistant

Heat Resistant Technical Ceramics For Aluminum Industry

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Wear Resistance

Wear Resistance Technical Ceramics For Mining and Power Plant

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Insulation Technical Ceramics For Polysilicon And Electricity

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Silicon Nitride Balls And Parts

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Our Materials

Silicon Nitride (Si3N4)

Silicon Nitride (Si3N4)

Silicon Carbide (NSiC)

Silicon Carbide (NSiC)

Aluminum Titanate (Al2TiO5)

Aluminum Titanate (Al2TiO5)

Aluminum Oxide (Al2O3)

Calcium Silicate (Ca2O4Si)

Calcium Silicate(Ca2O4Si)

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