Project Description

Ceramic Casting Ladle China Manufacturer

Ceramic ladle has a higher melting point (1860°C+-10°C), a lower coefficient of thermal expansion and excellent thermal shock resistance. Ceramic casting ladle can be used for the extraction of metal liquids such as aluminum, magnesium, zinc, and brass.

Ceramic ladle has following advantages:

1. The nozzle of ceramic pouring ladle is designed as a closed small opening style. Compared with the open type cast iron ladle, ceramic ladle can effectively block the oxide scale from entering the clean aluminum liquid, reduce the defect rate of die castings.

2. Maintenance-free, ceramic ladle does not need to be extra coated.

3. Long service life, the service life of 2kg ceramic ladle can reach to 100,000 times.

4. Reduce the labor intensity of workers and the time of production suspension due to replacement of ladle.

5. The heat preservation effect is good, and heat transfer efficiency is 1/15 of cast iron.

6. Ceramic material, none iron added.


·Ceramic ladle (0.5~8kg)