Project Description

Silicon Nitride Ceramic Riser Tube & Aluminum Titanate Ceramic Riser Tube

Taisheng manufacture ceramic riser tube in two material of silicon nitride and aluminum titanate .

With excellent corrosion resistance, the best mechanical strength and excellent thermal shock resistance, silicon nitride ceramic riser tube has a long life of more than 12 months in the aluminium die casting.

Comparing with cast iron, aluminum titanate ceramic riser tube has the advantages of non–sticking nature in contact with aluminium and its alloys. Its super heat preservation can prevent the temperature reducing of aluminum solution in low pressure casting.

We provide both silicon nitride ceramic riser tube and aluminum titanate ceramic riser tube according to the customer’s different requirement.


·Ceramic Riser Tube


·Silicon Nitride (Si3N4)

·Aluminum Titanate (AL2TiO5)

·Nitride Bonded Silicon Carbide (NSiC)