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Silicon nitride& sialon ceramic crucible support and holder

Ceramic crucible is a container for analysis and firing of materials applied in various industries. Such as: coal, metal, chemical raw materials, glass, rare earth  materials and mineral,ceramic products and single-crystal raw materials.

Usually, putting the material which need to be analyzed and fired into the crucible, and then heating, in this process, the fast speed of heating and drop in temperature will easily lead to cracking of crucible and support. Therefore, choosing the material of crucible and support becomes very critical.

Silicon nitride ceramic has the advantages of super strength and hardness, high thermal conductivity, great corrosion resistance,excellent thermal stability and thermal shock resistance, and high temperature resistance. Heating to more than 1000℃ in air , rapid cooling and rapid heating, slicon nitride ceramic crucible support and holder will not damage with the excellent properties.

We manufacture customize silicon nitride&sialon ceramic crucible support and holder


·Silicon Nitride&Sialon Ceramic Crucible Support And Holder

·Silicon Nitride&Sialon Ceramic Crucible

·Silicon Nitride (Si3N4)