Project Description

Silicon Nitride Ceramic Balls

Taisheng manufacture a range of silicon nitride balls for use in bearing, ball valve and other application.

Silicon nitride ceramic balls have the advantages as follows:
Super strength and hardness

  1.  Excellent corrosion resistance
  2. High temperature resistance,stable use under 1000℃
  3. Non-magnetic and electrical insulation
  4. Low Density, 60% light-weight than steel balls
  5. Low linear expansion coefficient, approx 1/4 of bearing Steel
  6. Self-lubricating property effectively avoid medium pollution

Silicon nitride balls are the best material for precision bearing ,high-temperature bearing,anti-corrasion bearing, chemical pump, ceramic ball valve, etc.

We provide standard silicon nitride ceramic balls ( GPS and HIP) in dia 0.5~50.8mm (G3~G40). Other sizes need to be customized.


·Ceramic Bearing

·Ceramic balls

·Silicon Nitride (Si3N4)

·Zirconia (ZrO2)