Project Description

Silicon nitride & sialon ceramic classification impeller

Airflow classifier is one of the most common equipment in the powder processing industry. The key component of the airflow classifier is classification impeller. When working, fine materials pass through the gaps between the blades of classification impeller, big particles are blocked on one side by the blades, to achieve the purpose of material classification.

During working of the air classifier impeller, due to frequent abrasion with the materials, the blades will be worn or even break after a period of time. Most of classification impeller are made in carbon steel or stainless steel, which are welded and formed at one time. When the blades are seriously worn, they need to be scrapped and replaced with new impellers. The maintenance cost of the impeller is very high, and operation is very difficult.

With the properties of high strength and hardness, super abrasion resistance performance, self-

lubricating property effectively avoid medium pollution, silicon nitride ceramic classification impeller has become one of the best choice for airflow classifier.

We manufacture customize silicon nitride&sialon ceramic classification impeller


·Silicon Nitride&Sialon Ceramic Classification Impeller
·Silicon Nitride (Si3N4)