Project Description

Silicon Carbide (NSiC)

NSiC (nitride bonded silicon carbide) is made by high-purity SiC and Si powder, moulded by slip casting, sintered by reaction. NSiC has advantages of high temperature bending strength, high load weights, and good wear resistance.

NSiC has higher flexural strength and oxidation resistance than common sic products, it’s max operating temperature is 1550 ° C. Besides, NSiC also has good corrosion resistance to non-ferrous molten metals, especially aluminum and zinc.

NSiC is mainly applied to aluminium industries, kiln and furnace,etc.

Physical And Chemical Index

Bulk Densityg / m³2.77-2.82
Compression StrengthMPa600-700
Bending StrengthMPa160-180
Young’s ModulusGPa220-260
Thermal ConductivityW/MK15
Thermal Expansion α (20-1000℃)10-6K-15.0
Max.Working Temperature1550

Silicon Carbide Products