Project Description

Silicon nitride ceramic dewatering foils and plate for paper machine

Ceramic dewatering foils and plate is a key component of the paper machine, and most of the traditional paper dewatering plates use alumina ceramics. Compared with alumina ceramics, silicon nitride ceramics have better wear resistance and unique self-lubricating properties.

Place silicon nitride ceramic plate in the most severely worn position of ultra-high molecular polyethylene dewatering plate,its excellent wear resistance ensure that the paper dewatering foils has a long service life, and its low friction smooth surface reduces the wear and tear of forming wire.

Silicon nitride ceramic paper dewatering foils can always maintain the dewatering effect and keep the paper quality in the best state , because of its stable shape and size. The analysis results of the wear of insertion strip and forming wire show that silicon nitride ceramic dewatering foils can meet the requirements of different positions on the dewatering element, especially suitable for high-speed paper machines.


·Silicon nitride ceramic paper dewatering foils and plate