Advanced ceramic materials are widely used in industrial machinery and other fields because of their excellent mechanical strength, wear and corrosion resistance. Thanks to high mechanical strength and high thermal shock resistance, silicon nitride ceramic si3n4 is particularly suitable for high temperature and high pressure environments.

Our new silicon nitride ceramic has significantly improved thermal and mechanical properties. It has excellent strength at high temperatures, excellent thermal shock resistance and corrosion resistance. Therefore, it can extend service life of aluminum casting equipment such as hot and cold rooms, reduce operating costs, and help you produce higher quality products.

Silicon Nitride Properties TAISHENG Ceramic

Silicon Nitride Properties:

It is not necessary to be maintained in normal situation with long service life. Unlike cast iron and traditional ceramics, silicon nitrate hardly reacts with molten aluminum. Therefore, a longer service life can be ensured. According to records, silicon nitride ceramic riser tube can achieve a long life of 1-2 years by regular minor maintenance.

No pollution to aluminum liquid. Iron in parts made of common materials is always a key factor affecting quality, but silicon nitride tube is different. It hardly reacts with molten aluminum in any way, thus helping customers produce higher quality castings.

Lightweight and easy to operate. Silicon nitride ceramic si3n4 can maintain its original strength below 800°C. Its corrosion resistance and excellent strength properties make its walls thinner and easier to operate.

No wetting by molten aluminum and non-ferrous metal. Thanks to the ceramic composition, silicon nitrate is less wettable to molten metals and therefore does not require a boron nitride coating.

Thermal shock resistance and mechanical strength. Once preheated, silicon nitride tube is more reliable than ordinary ceramics, all due to its mechanical strength and thermal shock resistance.

Temperature is stable. Silicon nitride thermal conductivity makes ceramic thermocouple protection tubes temperature measurement is more accurate, silicon nitride thermocouple protection tube is applied to continuous temperature measurement and protect thermocouple without erosion.

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