Within the less pressure, to the above surface of the metal-air pressure is applied. This forces the subsurface metal to the riser tube in the cavity. By making use of fewer pressure methods and advanced cooling abilities, the riser tube has many excellent mechanical properties. Generally, there are 2 patterns of the riser tube. These include T-flange and bulk flange.

Riser tubes also consist of ceramic and iron products. Ceramic riser tubes,. These consist of aluminium titanate, silicon nitride and more. Ceramics are selected as the material to make heater riser tubes because of their insulation property and lifelong service. Iron riser tubes are not costly and have greater mechanical strength and it can be structured according to the customer’s choice and requirements. It also has a good life and mechanical properties.

Ceramic heater tubes are the main material for the making of aluminium alloy products on low pressure casting machinery. In the process of casting, the ceramic riser tube is in direct contact with the molten aluminium alloy. As a result, the strength and quality of the riser tube for the less pressure casting will be good. They also have excellent thermal shock opposition, can bear higher temperature, they are acid and base resistance as well. They can also resist oxidation, opposition to molten metal erosion like aluminium, zinc, etc. it can easily meet the necessity of the less pressure foundry company.

Silicon Nitride Riser Tubes

Ceramic silicon nitride riser tubes provide a long lifetime and less maintenance are needed. Because of its excellent thermal shock resistance and better corrosion resistance, silicon nitride is more famous for its less wet ability and good resistance to corrosion of nonferrous metal melts.


· It has a good thermal conductivity

· It provides resistance to high temperatures

· It also provides excellent corrosion resistance

· It also provides excellent chemical opposition

· Excellent resistance to oxidation

· It also offers less porosity

· It provides non-wetting in molten metal smelting

· It can be made according to your requirements

Nitride Bonded Silicon Carbide Riser Tubes

Riser tubes that are manufactured from nitride bonded silicon carbide are perfect for the process of melting of nonferrous metals including aluminium and its alloys. These riser tubes are also utilized in nonferrous metal casting companies, particularly in aluminium alloy less pressure casting.


· It provides excellent thermal resistance

· You will experience no slag and no crackling in the higher temperatures

· It is gas-tight

· It could not be wetted easily by nonferrous metal melts like aluminium and its alloys

· It gives good resistance to corrosion

Aluminium Titanate Riser Tubes

These aluminium titanate riser tubes are the one which could not be wetted by alloys of aluminium.


· It provides good thermal resistance

· It has a very less thermal conductivity

· Its excellent chemical and abrasive resistance provide good purity of the liquid alloy

What are the applications of a riser tube

Their capacity to work at high pressures has prompted marine boilers being for the most part water-tube. This change started around 1900, and followed the reception of turbines for a drive instead of responding motors – even though water tube boilers were the capacity of water tube boilers to create superheated steam makes these boilers especially appealing in applications that require dry, high-pressure, high-vitality steam, including steam turbine power generation.

Having one of the best properties, the utilization of riser tubes is preferred in many main areas. These include different types of processes in the industries, used in chemical processing industries; they are also utilized in the papermaking industry and many refining units. They are also utilized in engines.

Present-day boilers for power manufacturing are water-tube structures, inferable from their capacity to work at higher pressures. Where procedure steam is needed for warming or as a chemical segment, at that point there is as yet a little specialty for rider tube

Many steam vehicles utilized water-tube boilers even made a water-tube substitution for fire riser tube boiler.

The less content heater tube has a lower and upper header attached to the heater tubes and they straight impinge on the burner. This can be used to generate steam and respond fast to the changes.

Heater Riser Tubes

Heater riser tubes are utilized in non-ferrous metal applications because of its good strength, stiffness, and resistance to thermal shock, resistance to corrosion and its attaching nature as well.

Choose the TAISHENG riser tube

Taisheng makes ceramic riser tubes in two pieces of silicon nitride and aluminium titanate. With astounding corrosion obstruction, the best mechanical quality and fantastic thermal shock opposition, silicon nitride ceramic riser tube have a long existence of over a year in the aluminum casting.

Contrasting cast iron, aluminium titanate ceramic riser tube has the benefits of not–attaching nature in contact with aluminium and its amalgams. Its super warmth safeguarding can forestall the temperature decreasing of aluminum arrangement in less pressure casting. Taisheng riser tube manufacturers give both silicon nitride ceramic riser cylinder and aluminium titanate ceramic riser tubes as per the client’s diverse necessity.

Silicon nitride and silicon ceramic production is the best material utilizing a foundry of non–ferrous metals, particularly aluminium and zinc. It has astounding warmth and corrosion opposition performance.

With high quality, durability and warm conductivity, silicon nitride and silicon ceramic production have incredible thermal shock opposition. Moreover, it is entirely steady and impervious to erosion by liquid aluminium.

No pollution and non–wetting for liquid aluminium, making it great impervious to the development of aluminium dross, incredibly lessen the recurrence of trading and support time for the foundry process.

Contrast with customary cast iron and silicon carbide, silicon nitride and sialon has much better help life. In this manner, an expanding number of clients are utilizing silicon nitride and sialon earthenware production as update and substitution in both essential and optional aluminium smelters, the holding heaters and channel boxes of cast houses.